Baby Boy Feber is here!

Landon James Feber graced us with his presence on Sunday, February 12th, 2017 at 8:38pm. Yes, it’s been two months now, but hey, we’ve been busy! He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20.5 inches long.  We are completely and utterly in Love!

Delivery was much faster and more smooth than I had anticipated and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, but I could pass on the 48 hours leading up to his arrival. Here is my labor and delivery journey. Just a heads up, I’m not going to be shy, so proceed with caution ;-).

In the early morning hours of Friday, February 10th, I woke up with a strange pain in my abdominal area. I honestly thought I had gas…tried to go back to bed and 30 minutes later, felt the pain again. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but the thought “oh wow, these could be contractions!” did run through my head. They continued, every 30 minutes, from about 5am to 9am. Then oddly, they went away. I assumed as I had originally suspected, maybe I had really bad gas and went on with my morning. Around noon, they started up again and this time we decided to time and track them with a handy app I had downloaded. The pain, now realizing they really were contractions, continued to range from 20-30 minutes apart all afternoon.  I also noticed a few times that afternoon, when I went to the bathroom, it looked as though I was starting to loose my mucus plug. I remember thinking, “could things actually be starting to happen?!” It was very small pieces, but hey, it was something!

Not sure if you pay attention to full moons or astrology, but Friday, February 10th was a full moon, a lunar eclipse and a comet. We fortunately live just blocks from the beach so around 7:30pm, when the lunar eclipse was supposed to be happening, we went down to the beach and took in the quiet, peaceful moments. We were secretly hoping we would be headed to the hospital soon. The contractions had continued all afternoon and had slowly began getting closer to 15 minutes apart.

Since we live a good 25 minutes away from the hospital, we decided to head to my parents just incase things progressed very quickly (they live about 5 blocks from the hospital). Unfortunately, the contractions did not get any closer and I spent the night waking up every 12-15 minutes to push through them. The one positive from the night was that at around 2:00am I went to go to the bathroom and I lost my mucus plug! I woke up Adam and even took a picture of it in the toilet, but I will spare you of that image Lol.

Full moon bumpin’

Saturday, February 11th (my due date), I woke up a little frustrated and definitely uncomfortable as my back pain had kicked in. So now, along with these pesky contractions every 12ish minutes, my back was killing me. From about 8 o’clock that morning until around noon the contractions slowly moved to being 8-10 minutes apart. After about two hours of them being consistently 8 minutes apart, and my back pain getting worse and worse, I called my doctor’s office. Normally they would want me to come in only if my water had broken and/or if my contractions were at least 5 minutes apart. But they said to go a head and come to the hospital for them to take a look at me. I knew there was a good chance that I would be sent home, but I was hopeful that maybe, just maybe I would be dilated enough to beg for them to admit me. Unfortunately, my wishful thinking didn’t pay off, I was barley dilated 1cm and sent right back home!

At this point I was getting very frustrated and irritated. I did not sign up for this! (Oh wait, yes I did haha) I now could totally see why people get induced. It would have been so much better to know exactly when to go to the hospital and to not have to just sit there going through the contractions and pain for now over 24 hours. So back home we went. The contractions continued being 8 – 10 minutes apart literally all throughout the night. At this point, the contractions were very painful. It is hard to accurately describe the pain but as they got closer and closer together, my pain level drastically increased and the word uncomfortable was a light way to explain how I felt trying to lay or even sit down for that matter. I did not get any sleep because I woke up every 8 -10 minutes to push through these very painful contractions and excruciating back pain.

The next morning, Sunday, February 12th, I “woke” up very tired and honestly pissed off at this point. I want to meet my baby damn it! Now I was officially past my due date and had so many people texting, calling, etc to see how I was doing and how things were progressing. So I went about the morning like I had the past 2 days and continued tracking my contractions. Adam and I walked around the parking lot of my parent’s condo and around the courtyard area to try to help the contractions move along. I’m sure people wondered why I wasn’t at the hospital already when they saw me, especially when I had to stop and push through a contraction. There were some contractions that literally made me get teary eyed. Right before noon the contractions went from 8 minutes, to 7 minutes to finally 6 minutes very quickly….I was almost there! Thank the lord they were progressing because my back pain was pretty much unbearable at this point. Yes, the contractions were horrible, but the back pain really did make me cry. God bless Adam, he tried to rub my back and get me as comfortable as possible. But there was nothing he nor my parents could do but just let me grip their shoulder when a contraction came along.

2:30pm: I finally broke the 5 minute mark! My contractions stayed around 5 to 5 and half minutes apart for an hour so I called my doctor’s office and they said to come on down! Adam and I decided not to take our hospital bags because we figured if we didn’t take them that this time would be for real. Well, we were right! Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long to get checked in and for a nurse to come check my cervix. She said those words I was dying to here, ” You’re not going home sweetie”. When the nurse, “Biz” (who was wonderful!), checked my cervix, she said it essentially wilted away from 1 and half cm to 4cm. Finally!! I was going to be admitted and we wouldn’t be going home without our baby boy this time! YESSS!!!

Oddly enough, no one else was being admitted or in labor when we first got there so it was all hands on deck to get me rocking and rolling.  While the nurses were admitting me, getting my vitals and putting in my IV, I had asked if I could go to the bathroom but since I was about to get a catheter, they told me to just hang tight. The anesthesiologist was there in probably 20 minutes and he was a hoot. His name was Dr. Cramp – very fitting. Lol! When I moved to the side of the bed for the epidural to be put in, I laughed and told Adam that I had just peed myself, oops! Getting the epidural wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated and thank the Lord for it! It was in in no time. Thankfully “Biz” came back soon after to empty my catheter and she surprised me when she lifted up my gown and said that my water had broken. I guess I hadn’t peed myself after all! haha

IV and epidural in, we are ready to meet our little boy!

The next few (or several) hours are really a blur as things continued to progress quickly and the epidural did it’s job. I went from 4cm to 8 cm very quickly and by about 6:30 pm I was at 10 cm and it was time to get ready to push! Thankfully Adam’s parents got in town just in time to say hello and wish me luck. Adam and I decided we just wanted it to be us in the room so the very excited Grandparent’s to be went to the labor and delivery waiting room. I had given my mom the option to be in the room but she felt that it was a moment for Adam and I….plus she has always told me she didn’t want to see me in that kind of pain.

10cm and ready to go!
Proud and excited Grandmaw

My OB came and checked on me to see how I was progressing and gave me a run down of events. I didn’t realize how much the nurses really do during the delivery process and that the doctor wouldn’t be coming back until the last minute to finish things up. The doctor also told me she didn’t think I would be pushing for too long, which was music to my ears. So, she left and our main nurse, Carolina got us prepped and ready for the push process.

My epidural had lightened up just a tad, which worried me at first, but it ended up being a good thing. I could tell when the contractions were coming and knew when I needed to get ready to push. Through each contraction I pushed at least 3 times, holding my breath for 10 seconds during each push. Adam and Carolina counted out load which helped me visualize the finish line of each push. I should have had Adam somehow take a picture of me pushing. My face had to be so freaking red at times! There were some pushes that I felt like a vein was going to pop out of my head. Combined with the heat I felt in my head and brain, it really felt as though my head was going to explode!

Around 8:00pm, after about an hour of pushing, the doctor came to finally get our little boy out and into the world! He was crowning at this point and they said his hair was on the darker side. I opted not to look, but I don’t think Adam could avoid it. I just wanted to get the little guy out and see him for real, not just his protruding head! Once the doc was ready, I pushed about 3 more rounds and all of sudden he was out!

Thanks to my lovely epidural, I honestly couldn’t even tell, I had to ask, “is he here?!” The nurses handed him to me and it was Love at first sight. That moment, while it happened so fast, is a moment I will never forget. He was so cute, little and finally in my arms! I am finally a mommy! All the pain, being uncomfortable, nerves and waiting were all over and now just a memory. I have been looking forward to this moment for almost three years. I remember looking at Adam trying not to totally loose it. Thankfully Adam took some wonderful pictures that we will cherish forever.

Although he was a little hesitant, Adam cut the umbilical cord. I’m sure that is something he will never forget 🙂 Landon was breathing but wasn’t crying so they only let me hold him for just a minute before they rushed him over to their table to check all of his vitals. I kept asking if he was ok and they said that his heartbeat was good but they needed him to cry. They put a little oxygen mask on him and were pumping it to help him. Watching that broke my heart because there was nothing I could do, I couldn’t even hold his little hand. Although it was probably only a minute, it felt like an eternity, until all of a sudden we heard him cry. Never before was I so happy to hear such a piercing sound!

They then told me his height and weight – 7 pounds, 11 ounces, 20.5 inches. Adam was with him and taking pictures while they documented all his vitals, got his first foot and hand prints, etc. This all happened so quickly I wasn’t even paying attention to the fact that the doctor was still tending to me. I “delivered” the placenta and the doctor stitched me up.The doctor said I did “beautifully,” whatever that means haha. Luckily and thankfully my tears were very small and minimal and I didn’t need too many stitches. I will spare you any further details in that department 🙂 Here are a few pictures from our first moments with our sweet little boy!


That is really the end of all the initial excitement. Adam went with Landon to the nursery and our parents watched from the window as they continued checking Landon’s vitals. I was then moved from a birthing room to a regular room where our parents were eagerly waiting to see me and hold baby Landon. But first, I had to jump right in to trying to breast feeding the little guy. I completely forgot that he was no longer attached to my umbilical cord! What a way to be thrown into the whole breastfeeding experience! Lol He didn’t latch on perfectly at first but we slowly but surely figured it out enough to satisfy him. Thank the lord for the nurses and lactation consultants!

Our parents visited with us for a little while and before we knew it, it was after midnight. Time for Landon to take a nap and time for Adam and I to try to get some rest as well. We said our good byes, the nurses checked my vitals again, turned out the lights and there we laid, so tired but too excited to actually sleep. We are parents! Landon is finally here! We did finally get some sleep, but it is also hard to sleep when you have to feed the little guy and the nurses are coming to check on you every 2 hours.

The next day, Monday, February 13th was a long and busy day. Again, everything was in two’s, Landon had to be fed every 2 hours and the nurses were still checking on both him and I every 2 hours. Our parents visited more and we also had a few friends come by the hospital as well. It was wonderful to be able to finally share our sweet boy with people.

On Tuesday, February 14th, Landon started the day on a rough note as he was circumcised. We were happy when we heard one of our favorite doctors, Dr. Boyd, would be performing the procedure. Dr. Boyd came to our room afterwards and told us that all went well and gave us a few tips on how to take care of the little guy moving forward. I was also cleared to go home. We honestly didn’t want to leave! The nurses were so wonderful and who wouldn’t want someone helping you with your newborn (and yourself) non stop?! I asked the discharge nurse if we had to leave and she said she would process me very slowly. Haha. We had some newborn pictures taken and then we started the packing process. I took everything in sight, literally! Several friends (and nurses) told me to raid the hospital of all their supplies and that’s exactly what I did.

My dad came to help us load up the car and off we went. Headed home with our Very special cargo. I feel like our lives are complete with Landon here. We feel beyond blessed and thankful to be his mommy and daddy. There is no possible way to explain or a proper comparison of the joy of having this child in my arms. The trials and tribulations will never be forgotten, but they are in the past and we could not be happier with our little family.

*I will follow up soon with more pictures and an update of life at home with baby Landon!

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