Fall FabFun

I’ve done it again, it’s been way too long since my last post. Fall is in full swing and winter is knocking at the front door.Β  I am a beach and sunshine all day, everyday type of gal, but opening the door and not getting slapped in the face with humidity is definitely nice. And, not going to lie, I am so ready to get the Christmas decorations out! πŸ™‚ I am also so excited for Christmas with Landon I can hardly stand it! I literally get butterflies in my stomach from so much excitement when I think about all the fun we are going to have with him, especially as he gets older, around the holidays.

Adam and I always struggle with what to get each other and this year is no exception. We are honestly going to focus on Landon, donate money and items to a few charities and work on a house project or two. Neither one of us can really think of anything we “need” so I don’t want to waste money on items just for the sake of having presents under the tree.

Anyone else always struggle with what to buy for a particular person? For the females in your life that are hard to buy for, I just might have a good suggestion on what to get them! I’ve been meaning to share my experience (and now new found love) for the FabFitFun boxes!

I started with the spring FabFitFun box and was immediately sold. I was very surprised and please with the products and items I received. The makeup, hair and skin care products are not just trial sizes, they are full, buy at the store type sizes. These are products I can and do use if not daily, at least weekly. They also have awesome random items like for example a bracelet, vitamins and a big cute beach towel were the spring box. My summer box had a super cool water bottle and an art kit!

Spring box: Love it all! But that beach towel, the cuff, and the lipstick/lip liner and gloss set, oh my! πŸ™‚

So, what’s the kicker? There honestly isn’t one! There are two different subscription options. Seasonal members pay $49.99 per box. They send you an email about 1-2 weeks before you are charged and you get to “customize” two options in your box. Basically they ask you two questions about your personality type and they will send you two items based on your responses.

The other option is an annual subscription, which is $179.99 upfront for a full year of boxes. Annual subscribers are select members. They receive an email before the box ships and can personalize more items in the box. For example, if they are sending a scarf, you will probably get to choose what color scarf you receive instead of the luck of the draw. Annual members also receive their boxes about a week before the seasonal members do. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this subscription!

So, get it for your wife, mom, sister, or maybe yourself! Just get it, you will be very happy you did. I can help you save a little too πŸ™‚ To sign up, go to https://t.fabfitfun.com/SHw2 and enter the code WINTER10 or SANTABABY to get $10 off.

Here are some other pictures of my boxes and of me wearing a lipstick from my fall box that I just love. I will probably totally wear it out this holiday season. Happy shopping and gifting everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Summer box: Where do I begin?! An awesome water bottle, face sunblock, bronzer and dry shampoo are summer essentials. Not to mention a cute necklace, eye cream and an adorable scarf, yes please!

Fall box: I Love this wrap, it’s so soft! The balm lip crayon is what I love and did I mention it’s animal cruelty free! Double win! The hot/cold gel packets are super cool and you can’t see it but there was a jean gym bag that is actually the perfect overnight bag for Landon. Below is me with the lip crayon (excuse the super close up shot Lol).