Gender Reveal Recap

As you might have seen in my first post, we are expecting a little BOY in February. We found out just before the 18 week mark, but I wanted to go back and share our gender reveal with you. It was a great night and we are super happy with how the actual “reveal” turned out.

Before I got pregnant, Adam and I thought that we wouldn’t want to know the gender. Neither of our parents knew what we were, and I always thought I would carry on that tradition. I did pretty good until around the 14/15 week mark when I fully caved in and decided not only were we going to find out, I wanted to have a gender reveal party. Go big or go home right?!

I remembered seeing a video someone else had posted over the summer of their gender reveal where the husband hit a golf ball that exploded and colored smoke appeared. Adam of course loved the idea. We figured it was neat, different, and that’s what we’re going to do! So to Google I went and I found a set of exploding golf balls on Etsy that come with one golf ball filled with pink powder, one with blue, and a practice ball. Both golf balls are white with a pink or blue ribbon tied to them so you know which is which. We had a sealed envelope from the doctor’s office with a note that said what we were having, gave that and the golf balls to a dear friend of mine, and she set the right golf ball on the tee for us. How did it turn out? Watch and see:

Below are some pictures from the night and the reveal. We had an awesome evening with our family and friends finding out that I will be outnumbered come February!

A few action shots of the reveal:



Version 2

The excited and proud Grandparents and parents to be!!
It’s a Boy!!

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