Week 32 Bumpdate

Happy Wednesday everyone! We have been very busy the past few weeks and I really can’t believe that I am less than 8 weeks from my due date!! Holy Moly where as the time gone?! While I have had appointments every two weeks since my week 26 update, yesterday I finally had another sonogram. I also had another amazing shower 2 weeks ago so here is my week 32 update and another shower recap. Merry almost Christmas and Happy almost Hanukkah! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season filled with love, peace and laughter now and throughout the new year!

How far along: 32 weeks, 4 days

Gender: Boy

How big is baby: About the size of a head of kale, weighing in around 4 lbs 6 oz

My weight gain: 25 lbs – Doctor said I’m doing great, but need to “keep an eye” on the weight gaining….I say holiday calories don’t count right?! Lol

Maternity clothes: My bottoms pretty much have to be maternity (other than pjs) and about 90% of my tops and dresses are maternity

Wedding ring on or off: On, but not as easy to slip on and off

Exercise: Still trying to get to the gym 3-4 days a week for at least some cardio and maybe, just maybe, some light weightlifting

Sleep: Overall sleeping “OK,” but having more and more nights where I am wide awake around 1:30. If I’m lucky, I’m up for only an hour or two, but there have been some nights where I don’t get back to sleep until after 5:00. I am also getting more charley horses in the middle of the night.

Miss anything: Of course I would like to be able to go to a restaurant and order a glass of wine without getting weird looks haha. But in all seriousness, bending over to tie my shoes, shave my legs, etc, is getting much more difficult these days.

Cravings: Still don’t really have any cravings, but still loving Mexican food!

Aversions: None

Symptoms: Overall my symptoms have been minimal. I am more tired than I was during the 2nd trimester. Pregnancy brain is still happening, headaches are more frequent and my heartburn/indigestion has stepped up a notch. But again, overall, very lucky to have had an easy pregnancy so far!

Belly Button in or out: Slightly out

Movement: This little guy is a busy boy!! He moves around mostly at night, and when he gets going, it can last for a while. We are now really able to see him moving around in my belly. It is such a fascinating thing to watch! Adam calls him our “little alien” Lol. Little guy also has hiccups pretty regularly and usually at night. Sometimes I feel bad for him because they can last for 30 minutes or more!

Mood: I honestly feel really great. More and more people tell me I have that “glow” and I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed pregnancy so far. I do feel bigger these days, but overall, I feel beautiful and proud to be carrying this little prince in my belly.

Best Moment of the week: We had maternity pictures taken on Saturday and I can’t wait to see how they turned out!! 🙂

What I (we) did/Got for the baby: The nursery is really coming together. We have the crib, dresser, changing table, a bookshelf, and recliner. I’ve been stocking the drawers and closet with all the goodies and clothes we’ve been getting. We took a tour of the maternity wing at the hospital, pre-registered at the hospital, and have a list of pediatricians that we will be “interviewing” in the next couple of weeks.

Doctor’s appointment: Had one yesterday, which included a sonogram for the first time since week 26. I love seeing him and watching him move. He yawned for us and kicked the sonogram wand out of his way at one point. He is a little acrobat and had his feet up above his head. Little guy has moved into the head down position, so fingers crossed he stays that way and we don’t have a breeched baby! We were also able to see some of his fuzzy hair – seems like he has a pretty good head of hair on him. Everything still looks great and as I mentioned, they are guessing he weighs around 4 pounds, 6 ounces, which is in the 58 percentile, right where he should be!

Looking forward to: Christmas!! I already absolutely love Christmas and this time of year, so I can only imagine what next year will be like with our little guy here! I am also looking forward to my last shower in a couple of weeks and beginning the final countdown to little man’s arrival!!

Baby Shower #2 Recap:

Two of my dear friends, Marla and Nicole, whom I’ve know since 9th grade, threw me an amazing shower a couple weekends ago. It was a “Winter Wonderland” type theme and they sure outdid themselves. I can’t thank Marla and Nicole enough for the thought, time and efforts they put into showering me and baby boy Feber. They are two amazing ladies and my son is so lucky to have them as aunties who will love him unconditionally as they have loved me all these years.

Me with the lovely hostesses!
Hot chocolate bar, such a cute idea!

Two very excited Grandmothers!!

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